I do commissions and create art for homes, offices, schools etc... If you have a wall to fill, I can create the marriage "Let me introduce my Art to your Wall" and they will live happily ever after. I spend most of my days creating in some form. I do mostly abstracts with acrylic on canvas, but I also use oils and watercolor.  I constantly change and evolve, although I have my own style, using bright bold colors and metallics, I like trying new techniques.  If you see something that interests you, please tap the contact button and send me details or just say hi.

My art is inspired by the elements of Mother Earth, the Universe and from my Grandmother’s who led me through gardens, taught me of spiritual love and speak to me still from the depths of my heart. From my Earthly parents who allowed me the freedom to be who I am and my heavenly parents who love me because I AM. My spirit guide who is forever whispering in my ear, and my guardian angels that protect, guide, and love me with every breath.
Rain Crow